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Technology + HR = Recruitment 2.0 08/07/2011

Over the past few decades, new technology has revolutionised the way we resource talent. From the invention of the fax machine, to the development of email right through to social media, the recruitment process constantly evolves to encompass new tools.

Technology + HR = Recruitment 2.0

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  1. Social media & recruitment
  2. Evolution of cloud computing
  3. Technology - a tool not a replacement

Social media & recruitment

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past five years, you’ll be aware of the boom in social media. From Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, the effect has been enormous as Gill Bell, HR Director at Handle Recruitment, has found first hand.

Gill Bell, HR director, Handle:

“Social media has had such a big impact on the way we work. Blogging and using Twitter allows us to share our opinions, knowledge and advice and really engage with current and potential candidates and clients. We recently ran a competition through our social media channels and got over 500 new Twitter followers as a result. That’s over 500 people that we did not have contact with before, who we now engage with on a regular basis. It’s powerful stuff.”

But it’s not just customers that social media can help reach; it’s new employees too, as we at Blue Sky PR have found. In fact our last two recruits have come via social media - one from Twitter and one from LinkedIn. These tools are key for us - they really allow you to delve into your industry and engage with interesting people in it. And they’re an ideal way to highlight your skills to potential employers - as our newest employees have found!

Evolution of cloud computing

Technology is all about making tasks as simple as possible, and this is what cloud computing has helped businesses to do - the world of recruitment is fast becoming a virtual one. Cloud based applications aren’t installed on a computer but instead save all information online, or ‘in the cloud’. This means that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. And with more people working remotely than ever before, the ability to access data from a range of devices - from ipads to laptops to phones, is becoming increasingly important.

Many CRM systems are now online in the cloud, as are many new products, like iresourcer, which provides ‘virtual resourcing’, distributing jobs to almost 2000 different job boards and sending pre-screened applicants back to the recruiter’s website.

Arran Stewart, managing director, Iresourcer:

“This sort of technology allows recruiters to build CV databases by taking advantage of the traffic being driven to their site by the leading job boards, it improves search engine optimisation because of the multiple in bound links that are being created – and it can also support a recruiter’s own applicant tracking systems.

 “There’s no big integration needed - it’s a simple plug and play model, and it allows recruiters to source candidates from an incredibly large network; larger than any one resourcing team could do alone.”

Virginia Raemy, Managing Director of TalentPuzzle, agrees. The company has just launched an online vendor management solution where HR teams can manage all of their recruitment suppliers in one online facility. “Cloud based systems are quick and easy to implement and allow organisations to centrally manage parts of the recruitment process, which before may have taken place through a combination of emails, spreadsheets and notes on a CRM system. Any technology that can make the recruitment process quicker and simpler without compromising on quality of hire will be welcomed.”

Technology - a tool not a replacement

The debate over whether technology will replace recruiters or in-house resourcers continues to rage. But the truth remains that it’s still a people business. You can’t email a handshake, as they say.

Technology can’t replace gut instinct, it can’t see potential and it can’t judge cultural fit like a person can - all of which are crucial in the recruitment process. What technology can do is provide some crucial tools to make the recruitment process more efficient and it will continue to do so. Keep an eye on recruitment 2.0 - it will be 3.0 before you know it!

Tracey Dunn, director, Blue Sky PR

Tracey Dunn, director, Blue Sky PR

Tracey is director of Blue Sky PR.